The Laurel Board of REALTORS® (LBR) Multiple Listing Service is provided to the general public by real estate professionals that are members of LBR’s multiple listing service. The LBR’s public website is hosted by System’s Engineering, INC.

The sellers of the properties displayed on this site have granted permission through a listing agreement with the real estate professionals that represent them to list their properties on the Multiple Listing Service of the LBR.  Some sellers have requested the address and other information concerning their property not be displayed on the internet service.  These request are strictly enforced by the MLS service.

The LBR is committed to protecting the security of your privacy and personal information.  LBR’s website is a general audience website, intended for users of all ages.  The site was designed to help the general public search for and find real estate in the City of Laurel, Jones, Wayne, Jasper, and Smith Counties in Mississippi and help direct the general public to the real estate professionals that represent the properties that are for sale on the MLS web site.

You are not required to register or submit any personal information on this website.  LBR does not collect any personal information from you resulting for your use of the LBR’s website.  LBR does not in fact, sell or give any data posted to its data base to any third parties.

LBR may make information available to law enforcement and agencies when required to do so by law.

LBR removes from our website properties listed for sale after they are sold, expire, or withdrawn.  LBR does not sell or permit publications of comparable sales or any other pertinent information from its database.  Access to comparable sales information is strictly prohibited and is limited to the real estate professional that are a member in good standing of the MLS. According to the rules and regulations of the MLS, members are prohibited from selling or granting unauthorized permission to access the data base .

LBR reserves the right to update or change this Privacy and Policy Statement without notice to address new issues of privacy information, security updates, or changes to our website.

LBR encourages you to periodically review this policy for such changes.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy and policy statement, please contact us by email or your real estate professional.